Carpe Danza Workshops

These workshops involve consistent meetings over a week that help develop certain aspects. With frequency comes knowledge and comfort.

Workshops Available

  • Couples Connection -This workshop is designed to teach Couples how to connect with each other through nonverbal communication. Couples will learn the importance of leading and following and how to honor each other through touch and movement. There is a lot of trust and awareness that takes place when learning how to dance as a couple. Natalie has been teaching dance professionally for over 20 years and has fallen in love with the art of heart connection through dance and movement. From communication to touch, couples will experience tremendous growth and newfound connectivity through dance.
  • Fitness – The fitness workshop really focuses on the individual and their fitness goals. These workshops are designed to meet people on their level and identify strengths and weaknesses in order to become truly fit.
  • Kids Exploration – These workshops introduce kids to the many different styles of dance and music. By being exposed to various styles, kids learn to identify what they like and discover new territories in their life.

Other services offered as couples or individuals:

  • Yoga Trapeze
  • Dance Fitness
  • Gravity Yoga (Deep Stretching)
  • Body Work (Rossiter)
  • Nutrition Class

people dancing in dark room

Please call (208) 283-6002 or email Natalie Gallegos to book a workshop or for any further questions.

Until then, remember to Seize The Dance!